Trade Solutions and Business Development
We are a team focused on "Retail Management", with strong performance in consulting and services throughout the national territory and Latin America.

Our expertise is "Providing Services and Innovative Solutions" with a focus and objectivity.

Thus we identify the needs of our clients and execute the strategies adopted by them.

To possess both expertise and a group of expert partners as it set out to do in the market they serve.

Our area of expertise is:

1-Store expansion
2-Human Resources
3-Business Development
5-Operations and Logistics
7-Category Management

Food Agribusiness
Products and intelligent solutions, logistics and equipment that meet your specific operational needs and add value to their services. We use a spirit and innovative power, putting our unmatched experience to develop concepts in its structure and optimize the entire supply chain.

We can identify exactly what you and your client need and intelligent solutions designed to meet the complex demands following supply:
...Menudesing, menus, production costs, and equipment mainly innovate ever your business proposal.

In recent years, we have developed innovative techniques and technology to create new concepts of frozen meals. This way we can offer high quality products, providing value-added operational performance and significant cost reduction.

We reduce costs through:

1-High production volumes
2-Extended shelf life
3-Reduced wastage
4-Strategy and processes
5-Long-term purchasing agreements

The new reality of agribusiness implies the need, ever increasing, rural entrepreneurs turn their eyes to the understanding of the market, to the events that affect their businesses and invest in the improvement of management and operational efficiency of their agri venture.

The Personnalitte
® aims to support the main challenges faced by the producer.

It is of strategic planning and management solutions for agri ventures that seek to help the entrepreneur to monitor environmental changes and incorporate them into their business, improving its performance and making it more competitive in the market in which it operates.

Wanting to expand, export or import speaks with us

Our goal is to act in pursuance to dominate and aggregate values in the solution chain over nearly 20 years.
The experience allowed us to deeply 3 important segments in corporate strategy.
Thus we feel the desire to identify and offer tangible solutions and short-term for our clients.

Our Department of Mineral Engineering, exists since 2005, was directed to meet the needs of our customers in the field of Mines and Energy, Environment, and Geology.

Over the years our activities were extended and today we have customized and specific solutions for the entire chain of the mining industry, from planning to the mining and mineral processing recovery of degraded areas.
Mines and Energy
Our area of expertise is:

Mine planning

1-Computerized mine planning and simulation of conditions for development of mining over time, in order to maximize the useful life of the mine, the optimization rate of return and present value of the project, supply of homogeneity beneficiation plants

2-Selection and sizing of equipment

3-Technical support and assistance in the implementation of mine

4-Operational research to optimize blasting operations, loading and transportation

Mineral beneficiation

1-Technological characterization of minerals and waste
2-Development process
3-conceptual design
4-Project Systems Material Handling
5-Process simulation

Feasibility Study Technical-economic

1-Estimated investment and operating costs
2-Pre-feasibility study
3-basic design
4-detailed design
5-Feasibility study
6-Economic evaluation of existing projects